The Story Behind the Basics

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bible) Back to Basics emerged from a seed planted by The Good Shepherd. Since becoming a member of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, I witnessed a great number of the young adults were inundated with the pressures of college life, deciding on a career, having something that could resemble a "social life", etc. In observing, and experiencing firsthand, the difficulties of trying to walk the narrow path it was evident that God was put on the back burner. In 2010 while living in Baton Rouge, LA, God placed a burden upon my heart to bring the young adults together in a way that would foster true God-honoring Christian fellowship.

This initiative began with small-group gatherings such as Sabbath lunches and evening activities to bring in the new week. Subsequently, we ministered to runaways, abandoned, and homeless youth ages 10-21 at a local shelter. We shared God's love via connecting with the residents through food and fellowship. This outreach program proved to be one of the most rewarding experiences and blessings for us all. Follow-up social activities and events were coordinated by our young adults which resulted in a resident committing their life to Christ, through church attendance and baptism.

Since Fall of 2011, God has impressed me with the desire to plan weekend retreats for the young adults of our local churches and their friends, to promote such similar results. In Fall of 2012, the Lord provided the perfect conditions and the right people for it to take flight.

"Road To Damascus" was the first of a series of journeys we have taken the young adults to find our heavenly Father, to fall in love with Him again, to undeniably devote their lives to Him, and to lead others to His feet. Although the destination name changes with each retreat provided, they all lead to the same location...Christ. Our mode of transportation: "Back to Basics" - where the approach we take to reconnecting with our Savior is by ridding ourselves of all distractions that would hinder communication with Him. Using elemental and unsophisticated methods of delivering God's message, just as Jesus did when He walked this Earth, young adults are empowered to maximize their encounter and equipped to hear God's voice.
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